Q:  "How good do i need to be to join cello choir?"

To join The Austin Cello Choir, we ask that you will have to be able to read and play basic rhythms, and ALL notes in 1st position, with extentions. Thats it! If you are working on music in Suzuki book 2, you are ready.  Each piece the group performs has an “simplest” part that 1st year players can dive right into.

Each part has challenging sections and the director has issued recordings of each of the parts Cello Choir members for online practice, with EACH PART isolated to practice with.

Q:  "My child is 9, can he/she join."  OR  "I'm 73, can i join?"

All ages, All levels.  YES!

Some players are in their first year while others have played through college. As long as you meet the first question requirements, drop the director a message (bottom of page), and we will see you on Tuesday!  :)

Q:  Is there an audition?

No audition!

Q:  How much does cello choir cost?

Registration for Long semesters (Fall and Spring) cost $325 and include 12+ rehearsals + at least one concert.  Your fee includes the custom arranging work, isolated practice recordings of individual parts for your at-home practice and improvement, rehearsal direction from now two directors, scholarship assistance for others, and rehearsal rental and performance hall rental.  

Scholarships are definitely available for advanced players, so if you are curious and want to join, please contact the Director below.  Also, simply inquire to schedule a time to sit in with music with us any of the upcoming Tuesday rehearsals.  We would love to meet you.

Q:  What kind music do you play?

Nearly 100% of the music is arranged by the director for a wide range of player's ability.  Every semester starts with new music that is specially arranged for a particular semester. This means the group plays new music ALL THE TIME, and each semester starts with music that no one in the group has ever played.

No concert is ever the same.

Typically a concert consists of some elements of classical repertoire, mixed in with contemporary songs.  We have done Bach, Mozart, as well as popular hits by Adele, The Beatles, Michael Jackson. Each semesters repertoire is listed on the front page, and evolves throughout the semester based on the recommendations of the group and the director's execution of successful arrangements. CHECK OUT THE FULL LIST of arrangements!

Q:  How many cellos are we talking?

Last semester's concert was 22 cellists.

Any other questions?  Contact the director.